Hair Colors: Complete guide for you to choose the perfect shade for you

If you want to know what hair colors best complement your complexion, this guide is for you. For further details, go here: best purple hair dye

Here we break down the best colors for white, brown and brown skin . Variety is pleasure, and the following colors look good alone or in combination.

Read on for the details and make an appointment with your colorist.

Hair colors according to your skin type

Hair colors for brunettes

Dark skin needs hair colors that give light to the face to illuminate it and create a natural contour. Fortunately, there are several shades to achieve this goal such as blonde and red.

If this is your first time experimenting with light colors, we recommend starting with the red tint. As you make touches, you can lighten your hair until you reach blonde. The application technique can be complete or partial with highlights, balayage or ombré.

White skin

The discolored tones , that is to say, with bleach and intense tints, are best appreciated in the white complexion. Of course, other leathers can wear these colors, but they are more popular with white. The reason this is so is because white women tend to dye blonde hair.

From blonde to discolored tints there is only one step and sometimes it is not necessary to apply bleach, since it can be clarified with a developer.

Hair colors for brunettes

The brunette skin is between the brunette and the white, and therefore it looks good with light and dark tones.
We consider the range of brown tint to be the best for this skin color. Thanks to the fact that this dye is very wide, it can be seen from chocolate to golden brown.

Fashionable hair colors 2020

Know which is the best hair dye to complement your complexion and highlight your features. Choose from the following tints of the season.

Chocolate hair color.

The chocolate dye is one of those sophisticated colors that looks good on all skin colors. It consists of a medium brown shade with light low highlights.

If you like to wear dark hair, but want a change, this shade is for you.

Hair color c brown.

We mentioned earlier that the range of brown hair colors is the widest and most varied. Therefore, these colors satisfy a wide variety of clients. It is the perfect shade to show off highlights such as the highlights, balayage or ombré of the season.

R ubio hair color.

Women with blonde hair always look for different ways to show it off. With the popular balayage, the colorist can paint highlights by hand to make very natural highlights.

The beauty of this color technique is that it allows you to combine various colors from the blonde tint range .

Hair color r eye.

Out of the red tint range, the violet color is the one at the peak of popularity and with good reason. The tint is super eye-catching as it has purple overtones. This color very complements all hair types and skin colors.

Hair color n egro.

Without a doubt, black hair is one of the most common colors, but more difficult to wear. The reason this is so is because this tint tends to darken the face. That is why it is recommended for women with fair skin to create a striking contrast.

Hair color c aramelo.

A trendy hair color is this gorgeous caramel tint . It is a medium chestnut base with reddish illusions to create that burnt tone.

This color is perfect on tanned skin, as it accentuates its natural shine and generates a golden appearance.